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End of the Year Party & White Elephant Gift Exchange

Friday, Dec. 5 ~ Come at 7 p.m. to help decorate the tree or at 8 for the party.
Gifts $5 or under please


Ending well this semester at Texas State University means acing finals. That could happen. Much depends on all the days before the end. Studying all the days before would help, of course, as well as getting enough sleep, eating right, and getting some exercise. Zoom out and see what makes for a life well lived - it's much the same thing. Sleep, eating well, and exercise are necessary, of course. The studying comes in looking for the grace and beauty that is always all around us. The exams come when a need is before us and we answer with compassion, embodying the grace and beauty in our care for others. Zoom in and you can also see what makes for a good day. It's in taking stock right now of the grace and beauty that has surrounded you this day. It's in the kindness you have shown and the good you have been able to do.

Be it a day or a lifetime, the components are the same. It's only the length of time that is different. In nature, the repeated patterns across different scales are called fractals. Fractals are found in seashells and galaxies, blood vessels and lightening bolts. And, it would seem, the spiritual life can be something of a fractal. Can you see a pattern in your own life? There's no need to wait another day to start making the pattern plain.

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